My path to audiobooks

My dayjob is filled with lovely people. It also is a open office landscape (and cold. None of us has figured out how to turn on the heating.), which means it is noisy since everyone but me is constantly on the phone. So I brought my headphones early on, but I only used them sporadically until a couple of months ago . And then a month ago, or so, I decided to start listening to old episodes of one of my favorite radio shows. Which means I have learned all kinds of interesting, random things, that goes into the well.   

From swedish medieval cooking, to how Stockholm sounded in the 1700’s to  the fact that neurosurgery in the late 1700’s was a four day procedure. Without any painkillers. Yeah. Oww.

This does mean that I will be out of episodes in August or so.  Which is why I am looking at the library’s audiobooks. since I like free and I need streaming audiobooks since I cannot download any at work.

Anyway. I am off to eat dinner, before crawling into bed, since said cold office have given me a fever.

The Dishwasher saga

So in March, I discovered that a rubber packing of some kind, was loose. After some consideration, and googling, I decided that the economically wise thing to do was to replace the dishwasher since it is 8 years old, and if I repair it, something else will break down in 6 months or so (I am a bit cynical)

So I ordered a dishwasher online, realised it wouldn’t fit 60 minutes after I had ordered it, cursed, called customer service and cancelled said order.

The weekend after that, I went to the store, bought an dishwasher that fits and had it delivered. Annddd. When the dishwasher came the installator took one look at the electricity and said ”Uh. We cannot install it. You need a separate outlet, for that.”

So I called the bulding management, since I have no idea how to find a trustworthy electrician. They helped me find one, he came, looked and basically said ” Yeah. That is illegal. It is pure luck it hasn’t been afire.”

Which is always nice to hear. Not. (For the record, I am so glad that I deciced to replace it, and not repair it.)

Then I waited for the estimated cost, which fit the estimate he had given me verbally, accepted it, and then I waited. And waited. Finally, I prodded the building management company, since I didn’t have his telephone number. And the electrician called a 2-3days later, apologizing, claiming he hadn’t noticed the estimate being accepted. (The bill is at 1000 dollar plus, I went WTF.  Yeah. I had a moment where I considered backing out, but I just want this done.)

They are coming to fix the electricity on Monday, and hopefully the dishwasher will finally be installed before midsummer.

May update!

It is May, which means that summer is just around the corner. *peers at the weather prognosis*  Hopefully.  Today has been glorious, but most of May have felt like the weather thinks it is late Mars. Burrr.  I bought a thin down jacket, just because of the weather.  (That, and it is handy when travelling.)

I also have a dishwasher saga, that went from “replace the dishwasher” to “replace the electricity.” Yeah, Ow. I have hired an electrician, though we haven’t set a date.  I had planned to call and ask today, but I forgot. 

Anyway. The second draft of The Shifter’s Justice is progressing nicely. As in, I’m about to start revising chapter 4 and I have added 7000 words to the book already.  Oh and the projected wordcount is 35 000 words. I am pretty sure it will be longer than that. 

I am having fun writing this draft, and I can see how much I have grown as writer since I wrote it.  It also makes me want to go back to Vanished, though hopefully Vanished will be pretty solid.  Though to be fair,  The Shifter’s Justice is pretty solid.  I think.  Maybe.  (I always think my books are pretty solid, until I discover that they isn’t. LOL)

I am also hoping that this revision will not take me 4 months, since I have figured out that if I use  Scrivener’s fullscreen mode, I write a lot more than if I don’t.  That in combination with revising the chapters backwards (which I haven’t done yet. Ahem) should ensure that the draft goes smoothly.  (I know, I know. I probably jinxed it now.)

Oh! I am going to be at Åcon at the end of May.  If you are there, come and say hi. 

Look at my stunning new cover!

So in September, or was it October, I decided to commission covers from Covers by Combs for Portal Justicar series, including Daughter of the Dark.  I loved the old cover, but roughly at the same time as I commissioned the covers, I  realised that it might be a better fit for Vanished, than Daughter of the Dark.  Ooops.

Yesterday was finally the day when Daqri, the talented cover artist that I picked, designed the covers. And they are gorgeous, totally worth being up until like 1:30 am. 🙂 (In the future, I’m picking a Thursday or Friday, though, so that I don’t have to wake up at 5:30 the next morning.)   

Isn’t the cover gorgeous? It fits the book perfectly!  <3 The updated book, and proofread, should go live over the weekend at the various retailers.

Recharging the well

When I finished rewriting The Bone Dragon’s curse, I decided to take the rest of the week off from writing. I was tired after the long revision, and felt drained.  

To be fair, I am still drained. I think part of the reason is that I am not sure what to work on next. Logically, I should revise The Shifter’s Justice (or whatever the final title is), but…. I have just finished a long  revision.

So what am I gonna do?

Recharge the well. I am going to read non-fic books, doodle a map, jot down notes, maybe watch  some documentary, read through the worldbuilding notes I already have on the Portal Universe.

Hopefully when I am done with that, I’ll be eager to revise the Shifters Justice. If I am not… well. I’ll have  a more solid worldbuilding.  Which never hurts.

Yes. This what I write

Now that I am out of the  writing cave, I have a gazillion things to do, and one of them is to find stock photos for the covers I commissioned for the Portal Justicars series (yes, including Daughter of the Dark.)  and I found this  picture on Depositphotos, and went YES this is what I write.  So of course I bought it.  <3  I do take objection to that medieval is included. Not all fantasy is medieval. But it is also a sign that the image of fantasy being set in alternate, medieval, worlds is very ingrained.   So let’s write books set in *diverse*  worlds.  Break the mold, until that image becames  a lot less ingrained.

Done. Done. Done.

It took much, much longer than expected, though to fair I also moved, with all the entails, but I am finally done with rewriting  the Bonedragon’s Curse.  

The draft  started at 30 900 words and ended at 46 600 words. o-o.   Maybe there is a reason why it took…*checks* 6 months to rewrite.  (I guess I did it again. sigh.) I did learn a lot about my process, and it should probably go faster the next time.  The only reason I didn’t do the “revise the chapters backwards” in the end was because i knew the end would need a lot of work.  Which turned out to be correct, since the end has a lot of more words now. 

Which means, I’ll have another round of edits later on, but not now.  Now I am going to spend the rest of the week reading books other people wrote. And going to Gothenburg to see a show. 

And probably finish unpacking my apartment. 

But first I am going to bed. 


So I have been fiddling with things all day, from cleaning  the apartment, to doing the dishes, to fiddling with the webpage.  It might be because I am procrastinating on the writing.  Or maybe I am just restless. 

I do like the theme I selected ( even if I am probably going to replace the header soonish), and the apartment is cleaner  and the story is going well. Slowly, but well.   I am definitely in the last scene, though. So yay.

 Here is a tiny snippet:

”That is a relief to hear. The thought of leaving ground is… unsettling.”
<It is unsettling for anyone that is born without wings,>The gryphon assured her.

Anyway, I hope you have a lovely weekend! I am going to spend it… not writing. Since I am off to the cottage tomorrow. 

Not done yet (Arrgh.)

I am still working on The Bone Dragon’s Curse, which is now 14 000 (!) words longer than the first draft. I am working on the end, maybe even the final scene, and I’m still not sure I have the right story. It is almost there, but I feel that there are some things that need to click in my brain, if that makes sense. The only way to fix it is a distance from the book, and probably some hard poking at the worldbuilding. 

I like the characters, and the plot. I do like the story, but it is probably that I can’t see the story clearly right now.  And it is good that I like the characters, since there will be sequel, featuring the same characters.   And gryphons. Lots of gryphons.

Before I write the sequel, I’m going to revise this one again.  And then again, since my editor will probably hand me a shredded manuscript back.. .erm… I mean an editor letter telling me what needs to be fixed.  (I love you, Laura Anne. You are fabulous and experienced and awesome. I am glad I have you.)

First I have to finish, though. I had an ambitious plan to finish by tomorrow, which… will not happen. I *might* be done on Friday, but probably not. I should be done next week, though. Which will be a relief. 🙂

Then I celebrate by going to Gothenburg and seeing a show. *hopes everything goes smoothly since the train arrives 90 minutes before the show starts.*

Enough rambling. I am going to make dinner now.  Tasty Cajun salmon pasta. (I hope it is tasty. The recipe calls for chicken, but I want fish, so.)

Sunday snippet!

I am busy with life and moving and day job. So my attempt to blog more regularly, isn’t exactly working. Hopefully February will be better, since then I will have moved fully into my new apartment. Anyway! Have a tiny snippet. It is a bit rough, since I just finished writing the scene. But it is non-spoilery! 🙂 (And the book is over 42 000 words, which means I have added 12 000 words to the book. o-o. It is a good reminder that the second draft is a rewrite. Not from scratch, but it is extensive.)

Aldis stopped and stared at the ancient oak that dominated the meadow. She slowly turned and looked around, searching for the cluster of trees that should surround it. Tension coiled within her when she couldn’t see it.
Maybe that explains why the tree feels… dormant, she thought. If an Elder lost their grove, the shock would send them into their tree. Unless it killed it immediately. Aldis looked at the tree, wincing when she saw the door cut into it.