That was an interesting November

So if you follow me on social media, you will have noticed that I have mentioned that my dayjob is laying off a lot of people.. and I am one of them, I found out a couple of weeks ago. I have no idea what will happen, to be honest.

A lot of the discussion is happening without me, which why I am so glad I am member of the union. Otherwise… no one would fight for me. And people *are* fighting for me. From the union, who is vehemently disagreeing with the HR’s stand poimt that only my permant position should count, to the two doctors who are fighting with the clinic board to change their minds.

We are in a disagreement if it will help or not. One of the doctors assured me a couple of days ago that it helps. I… am less convinced. The hospital needs to save a *lot* of money, And on the paper, my position isn’t essential. Except… if they split up my position, it means that 2 people will get 40 % more to do. Which… is a lot.

So right now, I am still in a bit in a shock, though I am also working at my CV and pondering my options, since…even if there is a miracle, and I get to keep my position, the trust that was a bit battered before is now cracked. There is also the fact that while I like my job, and I am good at it… I am feeling the need for a challenge.

Oh, and in between all this, I am also working on the outline for an new book. Needless to say it is going slowly, but I like what I get. I have no idea when I’m actually going to write it, hopefully in December, though December is awfully close now. I really want to go somewere warm and sunny, but… that’s not going to happen. *tired sigh* At least I’m going to Malmö in December and hopefully I’ll see some friends then.

After 10 years, it reached the top of my TBR pile.

So years ago, I bought a book on a whim. I bought it, since it seemed interesting.

The years passed, and I kept the book, but I didn’t read it. Too busy with life, with other books. But when I sat down to work on the notes for the next portal justicar book, I knew it was time to read it, and some other books in the TBR pile.

And then, I couldn’t find it. I knew it was here, somewere, but I couldn’t find it.

Until one day, I found it .In the same spot that I had looked before. Yeah. I am reading it right now, and it is really interesting. It might be a bit dated, since it is almost 20 years old, but I recommend that you try to find a copy.

Mostly about life

So I finished the rewrite, a couple of weeks ago I think. Then I firmly took a week off from writing, since I had earned it. (Also, because I managed to hurt my shoulder.) It was a good timing, though, since family from other parts of Sweden was coming to Stockholm. Which was fun. And then dad had some health issues, which scared everyone and was less fun (When my sister called, I thought she was calling to schedule the spa day we had been loosely discussing.)

He is fine now, and we have mostly stopped fretting. Mostly.

Then I worked (a lot) and poked at the notes a bit, got an extra book case, emptied the last of the boxes (yay.)

And then I had a week of migraine, triggered by the news that my 10/10 deadline had been extended to late November.(I called dad today, and asked if there was a connection between my deadline extension news on Monday and the migraine almost exactly 24 hours later? School book example, according to him.) So basically this week, I have napped. A lot.

The end result is that I am not as far into the worldbuilding of the next book as I would like. I am reading non-fic books and thinking about the realm and who rules it and what is allowed, and what isn’t (hint: slavery, among other things.)

It feels nice to take it easy, and don’t rush, to be honest. I mean, I am hoping to start writing it in November, and be done before Easter. But you never know.



I will be finished with this book. Which I have been saying since July, but I mean it this time.

Now, it depends on how you define soon. Will it be this weekend? Errm. Probably not.

Will it be next weekend? Maybe.

Will it be before October? Definitely.

Productive saturday

I am still not done with the second draft on The Shifter’s Justice, which is a bit frustrating. I am in the last chapter, though, so yay for that.

My friend RJ has posted on a Facebook about her experiment with doing 15 minutes sprints, she has found that successful and effective. Not to mention it lowers her stress.

So today I decided to try that as well, though I just worked on one book. And… it worked really well in the morning. When I broke for lunch, I had 500 words.

So in the afternoon, I decided to toss something new into the mix, again. Namely, treat each sprint as a session, and lower the session goal a bit.

That… worked even better. I wrote 700 words in 45 minutes. There was a lot of “Uhh,” in the war room. Normally I write 200 words is 30 minutes, so this was a bit unexpected, but very nice.

The end result: I am really excited, though, since this means I will be able to write more, even when I don’t have time to sit down and write for 30 minutes. (My brain thinks I should write 15 minutes in the mornings, I am not convinced…) It also means that I should be able to work on more project. If I want to.

Anyway. I am off. We are celebrating dad’s birthday with dinner at 6 pm and I need to decide what to wear.

This Friday needs a list

So I basically decided that today needs a list, since I have a lot of things to do.

  • Do laundry.
  • Hang laundry (I am experimenting with letting it dry in the living room.)
  • Make the bed
  • Book Dishwasher installation (They are coming next friday, since I don’t want to loose a full day on waiting for them to show up. Yay!)
  • Pick up things from the seamstress
  • Pick up online order
  • Pick up things Catherine S sent me (since I forgot stuff in Dublin)
  • Book haircutting time
  • Wash the red jacket
  • Put away the laundry when it is dry.
  • Eat lunch
  • Write.
  • E-mail Laura Anne.
  • Do dishes
  • Empty the recycling bins
  • Take things to the goodwill store

Doing all the things

So last week was…. odd. I was tired and had a couple of odd episodes of parestesi. They weren’t like the symtoms that I normally have, but since taking a b vitamine pill made the symtoms go away, I decided I needed a B-12 shot.

For the last 4-5 months or so, I have been taking b-vitamine pills, which has a *crazy* dose of b-vitamine in them, so I haven’t taken the shot. I thought they worked for me.

Except…. obviously not. Suddenly I have more energy, but more importantly I can focus much better.

See the list of things I have done:

  • Done the all dishes
  • Done all the laundry x3
  • Put the bookshelves in order (which resulted in some tidying up.)
  • Handed in somethings for mending (finally.)
  • Emptied the recycling bins
  • Ordered new filters to the vacuum
  • Written 1200 words.
  • called about the dishwasher (the plumber is coming on tuesday. Huzzah.)

On revising and schedules

Ever since things have started to calm down a bit, I have been thinking about what is a sustainable release pace for me.

I know that Amazon’s algorithms are pushing toward a rapid release schedule, but considering that my first two drafts takes 2-4 months each, with a good chunk of time in between the drafts… it simply isn’t feasible for me to push for a rapid release schedule.

What is feasible for me is to release one book per year, and to be open with it to my readers. I mean, there might be an surprise release, occassionally, but frankly,one per year is what I can reasonably do, considering day job and life.

That said… since life has been hectic and I have kept writing, but not necessarily revising and sending things to my editor, I have a backlog of books waiting for me to revise them.

First up after I finish the Shifter’s Justice? Vanished. It needs some proof reading, and then it is off to the editor for the next round of edits. (I read it through recently because my cover designer had a surprise opening, and it is sound except for one spot, but that is easily fixable.) I am still pondering if I should do a pre-order or not, or just drop the book when it is done. Both has its plus sides.

What is this thing called writing?

I am one of those writers that has to write everyday to get some kind of momentum on a book. The  last week, I have been doing a lot of things. 

I spent last weekend at dad’s cottage in the archipelago, I commuted from the other cottage a couple of days and   had a lovely time with my brother and his family, and a couple of their friends, and then yesterday there was  a family dinner, since my youngest brother is in town. 

All of this is lovely, but do you know what I haven’t done? Written words. sigh.

This weekend, I am all alone, and I am going to write. Probably not as much as I would if I had kept on writing this week, though. 

Ah well. I’m looking forward to work on this scene, it will be fun, and a family secret will be revealed. 🙂

Cover reveal: The Shifter’s Justice

So I have been sitting on this for a couple of months, I think,  and originally I planned planned to reveal it in my newsletter, but I have a fever and I want to share it with others. 🙂   Just like Daughter of the Dark’s new cover it was designed by Daqri at Covers by Combs.

The book should be out later this year. I am halfway through the revisions, roughly. I am aiming to be done in August.( Originally it was July, but then June happend.)