The Bronze age clans

The Bronze age clans

This series takes place at the end of the Clan wars. I have no idea how long it will be. I have ideas for at least one more book.

The Cauldron Bound:

TheCauldronBound_SmallA war weary warrior…
For centuries, the dark elves clans have been at war with each other, leaving the ties of trade and trust in shreds. When Aodh of the Creek clan is sent by his chieftain to find out the source of the Portal Clan’s unrelenting strength, he has no idea the obstacles he and his friends will face. As they journey through the war torn land, meeting wary warriors and canny chieftains, Aodh slowly realize a foul magic is spreading through the land.

A cranky old seer….

When the war started centuries ago, Moirin of the Valley retreated into the mountain, not wanting to be a pawn in the hands of chieftains. She has been happy in her valley, seeing few people. Until now. When her goddess sends her a vision warning her of a taint spreading through the realms, Moirin realize she will have to leave her valley.

….will have to work together to save the clans

Aodh and Moirin are unlikely allies, but they agree that they will have to collaborate if they are to stop the spreading taint, and to find out who is behind it. As they work to stop the plans, the Portal Clan are watching from the shadows, planning to strike when they least expect it


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Read an short excerpt:

As he walked through the settlement in the early morning sunshine, Aodh was glad for his fur tunic. The day might be sunny, but the air still carried a bite of winter. The settlement was quiet around him. There was no smoke coming from the smoke holes, no animals braying, no children playing, and the fact that it was early was only part of the reason. Most of the silence stemmed from the heavy toll the war had taken. 

He nodded to a yawning man that was stumbling in the direction of the jakes. As he approached the chieftain’s roundhouse in the center of the settlement, he tried to figure out why he had been summoned.

Bradach might be fond of me, he thought, but I am young for a warband leader. Too young, according to some people.

Before the war begun, he hadn’t planned to become a warrior, but a smith. Like the rest of his clan, the war had changed his life.

He pushed away those thoughts, and opened the gate in the wicker fence around the Chieftain’s roundhouse. He stepped inside, closing the gate before any of the precious hens or goats could escape, then he walked down the path leading to the door and knocked on the door. Surprise filled him when the door opened and the Chieftain stood in the doorway. Normally opening the door was a duty assigned to children. 

Come in. Let’s break fast and talk,” Bradach rumbled.

Aodh nodded and stepped into the large room. Unease filled him when he saw that the only ones awake in the room were him, the Chieftain and his wife, Dairine. Normally, all the warband leaders were at present at the meetings with the chieftain. This was the first time he had been summoned alone.

Where are the other warband leaders,” he asked, struggling to keep the wariness from his voice. 

The Chieftain and his wife glanced at each other.

They will not join us. Sit.” Bradach gestured at a low bench