Must read summer releases

This summer is packed full with books that I’m itching to read.

To begin with, there is Shield of Winter by Nalini Singh. Which was the reason I re-read the series now. Mmm.  ( I’ll admit that I’m crossing my fingers that my book store makes the same mistake they did last year. *cough*)

Then in July  Shaman Rises by C.E Murphy releases. *sob* I’m still struggling with the fact that it is the last Walker Paper novel.

Also in July the third book in Patricia Rice California Malcolms trilogy releases. I’m having my fingers crossed that she writes more, though. If not… well… I’ll nag her until she changes her mind. 🙂

And Wen Spencer’s next Elfhome novel releases in July! Perfect for some fun, fastpaced summer read.

Oh! Magic Breaks by Ilona Andrews is out  July too.  This book wraps up this series arc, although there will be more books. And Michelle Sagara’s Cast in Flames are out in July.

And in September, Ghost Layer by Robin D Owens is out.  The first book was so good.  But then all Robin’s books are really good. 🙂

So many books. So little time. 🙂 What books are you looking forward to read this summer?



The 2014 Edition: 5 Women SF/F Writers to read

Close to a year ago, I wrote a blog post about my top 3 female SF/F writers.  With the recent hubub about the Waterstone list, I thought it might be a good idea to write a new  list.   Unlike last year when it was solely unknown authors, it is a mix of wellknown and less well known writers.

Chrysoula Tzavelas:

18243141I pledged the Matchbox Girls Kickstarter solely on C.E. Murphy’s blurb. And I haven’t regretted it since.  Since the moment I finished reading Matchbox Girls, Chrysoula Tzavelas have been on my autobuy list.  She writes great Urban Fantasy set in an intriguing world.



Nalini Singh:

15808767Nalini Singh is a NYT bestseller so she isn’t unknown, but since her novels contains romance, I suspect that a lot of SF/F readers haven’t read her.  And they are missing out.   Yes, Nalini Singh’s novels contains romance, but they are have amazing worldbuilding, intriguing characters and plots that hooks you. So do give her books a try.

Lisa Shearin:

Lisa Shearin is one of those authors I didn’t buy until I got an e-reader.  Once I bought the first book, though, I was caught.   She writes Fantasy and Urban Fantasy novels that are packed with snark,  action, great characters and romance.  And I wouldn’t want it otherwise.

J. C. Daniels:

BrokenBlade72-1-200x300J. C. Daniels ( aka Shiloh Walker) writes Urban Fantasy of the dark and gritty kind. And I love how she pushes her characters until they crack. And then deals with the aftermath.  The only thing I *don’t* like is that she only publish one book per year.     Cause  her books are addictive.


Maria E. Schneider

I’m very picky when it comes to self published books. In fact, there are only a handful of self published authors that I have put on my autobuy list.    While the list fluctuate a bit,  Maria E. Schneider is firmly on the list for her Adriel novels.  They are well plotted, set in an refreshing setting and have unique characters.  Oh and whatever you do, don’t read Under Witch Ghost first. It is slightly spoilery.


I could go on for a long time, listing many other fine writers but I think I’ll stop here.  But I would love if you added your recommendations in the comments!



5 Fantasy and Urban Fantasy authors you should read

The theme for the latest Mind Meld is Up and coming authors in the last 5 years, which is a great topic, and I plan to read some of the authors on it. Except when I read it, I thought: What about the midlisters, or the new authors that are writing good books but are published by small presses? So here is my list, of authors that should be among the up and coming authors. And if you have read my blog for awhile, none of them should come as any surprise. 🙂

James Hetley/ James Burton:

James Hetley/ James Burton is one of those authors I feel that everyone should read. I picked up his books years ago, and I was hooked from the start. His books should be in every readers library, especially now that Urban Fantasy is so popular. The characters are intriguing, the settings have a unique feeling, and the plots are filled with unexpected twists.

Kari Sperring:

I love Kari Sperring’s Fantasy novels.They are set in an fascinating world that is unique, yet are familiar enough that the reader connect to the world. The characters are fascinating, and a refreshing change from the characters in most fantasy novels. They aren’t necessarily fastpaced, but they are paced so that they slowly pulls you in, and when you finish the book you are craving the next one.

Lazette Gifford:

I am Fantasy lover, and it was through Fantasy I first discovered Lazette Gifford. Her fantasy novels are good, but it isn’t her fantasy novels that I buy in bulk. It is the Science Fiction, since I love all the care and details that she puts into her worlds. From the landscape, to the cultures she creates. The characters is interesting, and the plots are fast paced and well written.

      Misty Massey:

Misty Massey is one of those authors that hook you with one book, and then you are waiting impatiently for the next one. I have only read Mad Kestrel once, which was years ago, but I can still remember the intriguing world, the chase across the seas, the unexpected plot twists, and the characters that were fascinating.


Chrysoula Tzavelas:

I am a diehard Chrysoula Tzavelas fan. Anything with her name on it, I buy it. Which is an impressive feat, considering that she has only released two books, with a third coming in November. Her Urban Fantasy novels are a refreshing change from the Urban Fantasy novels that I normally read. ( And having read Infinity Key, I can say it rocks. If it is possible, I plan to coordinate my review with the Kickstarter.)

What makes a book successful?

Reading about the success of 50 Shades Of Grey made think about what makes a book wildly popular. 

I have read a lot of books, that have had  engaging characters, fast paced plots, and fascinating settings.  Yet  they aren’t up and fighting on the bestseller lists. So why is they plodding along? I think part of it is that they are missing that  extra”something.” The something that keeps the reader coming back again and again.
Let’s take Amanda Hocking.  She is wildly successful, at least  when  she was an indie author ( I have no idea how her print books sell).  I picked up Hollowland awhile ago. Even though I never finished, which was more because of me than the book,  I could see why she was so popular.  Her author’s voice had that something.  

SB Sarah points out that some authors are just cracktastic.  I can see that. I have some authors that I love, despite a part of me whispering I shouldn’t.  Grace Burrowes are one of them.  I love, love her books.  Despite the fact that her books borders on viginettes. Yet there is something with her books that makes me gobble them up.  ( But I still got huffy when I realised that Lady Sophia’s Christmas Wish were released before The Virtuso, but chronologically took place after.) 
Thea Harrison is another. I gobble down her books, despite the fact that the headhopping drives me insane.  I cannot help myself. I have buy her books.

Then there is the authors I love, but who release books with 3-4 years gaps.   Lorna Freeman is one of them. I love her books.  The problem is that since there are so long gaps between books, her earlier books are starting go out of print, and isn’t available as e-books.   Even though I am annoyed, I’ll still buy the next book.  Wen Spencer is another author. I love, love her books.  It is a mix of fantasy, science fiction with a dash of romance that just works for me.   Still, her last book was out in 2009 I think.   But, just like with Lorna Freeman I’ll buy it when it is out in July.

All right. This might have gotten a bit rambling.  Let’s see if I can tie it together.
What makes a book  successful is having that ”something” and reader loyality.  The problem is in today’s publishing that most authors don’t have the time to get the reader loyality, unless their books are successful from the start.  

So, which authors do you want to soar onto the bestseller lists? 

A new feature

I have decided to add a new feature to this blog, Author Recommendations. At least once a month I will recommend an author *and* put up a review of a book by the same author 🙂