Three recent trends in Romance that annoys me

The 50 Shade esque covers:

 I am really, really tired of the 50 shades inspired covers. Or actually, what I am most tired of is the fact the publishers seems to not think about the fact that the cover is supposed to tell something about the book. But, I guess it is cheaper to photograph a fruit or a shoe, than arranging a photoshoot with a couple. ( Oh, and fruits makes me think about food, not romance.)
Or maybe I am just old fashioned.

The Smalltown trend:

I like contemporary romance, but I am a bit tired of the fact that lately all of them seems to be set in small towns.  Yes, I get that they are quaint, and that authors like to use them as setting since they have a lot of hidden conflicts and secrets. But guess what? That’s the case for every residencial area, no matter if it is just a block or if it is a town. So, how about expanding the views and using a city or a suburb as the setting.

The Alpha Billionaire jackass trend:

 I love strong, caring Alpha males, both Doms and non-Doms.   The keyword is caring for me, since without the caring, they are just jerks.   That said, if an author shows WHY the hero is a jerk, I am much more forgiving.  If not, I’ll pass. And I am unlikely to read another book by that author, unless it is an autobuy author. 

Arc review: Scandalous by Patricia Burroughs

The Particulars: Contemporary Romance, Book View Cafe, available as e-book
The Source:  e-ARC from the author 
The Grade: B- 
The Blurb:
Why live in the boring present when you have a century’s worth of vintage couture to live up to? Why be ordinary with centuries of Vandermeir scandals to shape your destiny?

Paisley Vandermeir was born on a hippie commune in the 60s, transplanted to high society Manhattan in the 70s and mentored by her wild Aunt Izzy, whose Roaring 20s exploits still tarnish the family name. Paisley is the very definition of “Vandermeir scandal.” It’s simply a matter of what and when. Following in the steps of her forbears, she intends to create her own scandal, then walk away from family and Society and find her own future.

Enter Christopher Quincy Maitland, the blond and gorgeous Rock of Gibraltar who carries the weight of his family’s fortune on his shoulders–safe, dependable, scandal proof. Or is he?

When irresistible force meets immovable object, what happens next is SCANDALOUS.

The Review:
When Patricia Burroughs sent me the ARC of this book, I assumed it was a novel. I have no idea why, I just did. When I sat down to read it, I discovered that it was a novella.
And it is wonderful.
The romance between Paisley and Christopher felt timeless. The story took place in the Upper Echelons of the New York Society. And maybe that is part of the reason it felt so timeless. The Society has some old fashioned traditions, that should have felt out of place during the early 90’s, yet they didn’t.
This is the story of opposites attracts. Paisley is flamboyant and outspoken, yet I loved the feeling of uncertainty that glimpsed through occassionally. Christopher is stable, and respectable. Yet, they each need each other. Christopher needs a bit stir in his life, and Paisley needs the stability.
But the path to their happily ever after wasn’t easy. I enjoyed reading, wondering if they would follow in the path of their forebears, or if they would strike out a path of their own.
Adding to the sense of uncertainty was the fact that Christopher were engaged. Paisley was certain that Christopher wouldn’t pick her. Christopher, on the other hand, struggled between duty and love. 
The main problem I had with this story was that it took awhile before I warmed up to the characters.  But, I am glad Patricia Burroughs sent me the arc, since it is a touching story.