1.   Have a formatting checklist That is the biggest mistake I did.  I didn’t write a formatting checklist that included things like add the cover design/ stockphoto credits. As a […]

I had a great time in Dublin. I went to the Pseudonym panel, the Peaceful Science Fiction panel, the Celtic Gods panel, a panel about Cover art, and Catie’s party. […]

I had planned to wait for a couple of days before uploading it, but in the end I decided not to.  I did the final read through and ran a […]

For the next two weeks, I’m on vacation from the day job. Not that I plan to have calm days, though. I’ll travel a lot.  It begins tomorrow when I […]

The final Exile cover!

I finally found a font that I liked a couple of days ago, so I finalized the cover for Exile this morning. ( I had originally planned to use the […]

Yesterday evening, I finished the edits. Yay!  Now I am going to send it to a beta reader ( I haven’t decided who, yet), while I query copy editors. While […]

For a number of reasons, I had to go to our summer cottage this weekend.  While waiting for mum to pick me up at the closest train station, I noticed […]