So last week I made dairy free marshmallow fudge. It was tasty but too sweet for me. So I cobbled together another recipe from several different recipes that is […]

I had one of those aha moments this moments this morning. I have been talking about making fudge for months, but I haven’t  done it.  Until I realised that it […]

The revision  is going a bit slow, but I am making progress.  Which is the important part. Anyway, I have been  thinking about what I do during the various drafts, […]

Since Exile is available at more places than Kobo now, I thought I would list some of the places you can buy Exile. Sadly, Amazon isn’t one of them since […]

This will be a slightly rambling post, since I am tired and has a slight headache. Sorry. If you follow me on Twitter, you already know that I finished Frosthold […]