Daughter of the Dark


When her mother’s thugs kidnaps her daughter in front of her eyes, Jenny is willing to do anything to do her back. Including working with the portal justicars to find out the truth about the rumours of unrest in the Temple of Gwynfar, that has seeped out from Dhurig.  When she tries to enter Dhurig through the portal in Ahira, she discovers that the king have decreed that travellers to Dhurig has to be accompanied by a vampire.

Reluctantly, she approaches her vampire ex-lover, who has no idea that they have a daughter.  He agrees to accompany her to Dhurig. If she helps him afterwards. Backed into a corner, she says yes.  As they search for their daughter, they discover that what they thought were two separate cases are in fact one,  part of  a web of betrayal, greed and dark magic.

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