Books I want to read now

This is the books that are on my ” I have to have it now” list. Though I have already read Citadel of the sky, so I guess I am waiting for the sequel. *looks pointedly at Chrysoula*  Also, no covers, since I am tired and lazy.

Beyond Innocence (e-book):

This is the series I read when I crave something really steamy. There are lot of sex scenes, but the series are well written and the characters are interesting.  This time it is time for Jared and Lily! ( I highly recommend you read the series in order.)

Citadel of the sky (e-book):

You have to read this book. The magic is unusual, the character is refreshing. It takes a couple of chapters before it hooks you, but you will not regret reading it.

House of Shattered Wings( hardcover):

This is Aliette de Bodard’s september release and it is making me really excited. It sounds so good!

Shards of Hope (hardcover): 

It is Nalini Singh! Do I need to say more? It is out in June. Eee. Not long now.

Magic and Manners:

I have been waiting for this book ever since Catie began to serialise it on Patreon. I don’t do serials, not even when the author is CE Murphy. ( Though to be fair, I tried but I had credit card problems so I gave up.)