Embarrassment of Riches September round up



I only read one book that qualifies, but I have DNF’d several books. And, I have started to purge my Kindle library of old freebies that I know I am unlikely to read. Which is a big step forward.


The book I finished :

A Case of Imagination by Jane Tesh. It was well written, but it took awhile before it hooked me. The problem I had with it was that I liked the characters more than I liked the mystery.





The DNF’d books:

I read 20 pages, before losing interest.


I read 60 pages, and got tired of the MC behaving like a spoiled child. I could understand why, since there was very little explanations



It was well written, but I never felt I got to know Miranda, and she never felt like a girl. But since it is short, and I am half way through, I’ll probably finish it. Maybe.