Friday Bargains: Mixed batch

First. Amazon and Overstock is having a pricewar right now, which means you can get select hardcovers for less than 10 dollar.

Second, I have a lot of good e-book bargains for you. Most of them free or below 1.99.  ( Isn’t free the most wonderful word?)

I don’t post inspirational romances often, but Against the Tide by Elizabeth Camden recently won a bunch of RITA awards, and it is free right now.

I read Anna Campbell’s Untouched awhile ago and liked it, and now her Seven Nights in a Rogue’s bed is discounted to 1.99. I think I’ll buy it. ( If I need more books? No, well…)

Deadly Fear by Cynthia Eden is 0.99 right now. I have read her PNR’s but never her romantic suspense.

Going Cowboy Crazy by Katie Lane is 0.99 right now at all major retailers , and the blurb sounds intresting.

And now for some more pricey deals…Allromance offers the best of their Bookclub picks with a 30% rebate right now, so if you missed one of them the first time, now is a great time to give them a try.
Carina Press is offering 25% off Sports romances right now.