Friday Bargains: Only print books

Normally, most of my bargains are e-books. Not today. I just discovered Book depository’s bargain bin and thought I would high light some deals.  NOTE: Some of these are for the UK editions, which are more expensive than the US edition.

They have Cursed by Benedict Jacka. If you like Urban Fantasy, without any romance, I HIGHLY recommend this, I have a review of it scheduled for next week. 

The Uk edition of Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison is discounted to 4.50 Euro, which means a 66% discount.  Great book.

They also have great deals on Larissa Ione.  I liked the only book by her I have read, and I think I’ll re-read it before buying any more.

They also offers a handful of midseries novels by Keri Arthur, which made me a bit bummed since I have wanted to read her, but if you need to catch up this is a great chance.

Amazon have discounted the pre-order of High Passion by Vivian Arend to 4.69
They have also discounted the pre-order for the Print version of Silver Mine to 9 dollar.