Recent reads: A bit this and that


The Forteous meeting by Christopher Kastensmidt.

This is a novelette, set in Colonial Brazil. Aliette de Bodard recommended it on twitter earlier today. I downloaded it and read it on the commute into town, and I am glad I read it. It was a really good story, and I cannot wait to read other two stories that is available. ( Also: Pretty, please write more!)

A Bodkin for the Bride by Patrice Greenwood.

I love The Wisteria tearoom novels, but I was a bit disappointed in this one. It was good, but I wanted Tony to be the lead investigator, since a bit of the magic disappeared. Though I still want the next one.

Radio Silence by Alyssa Cole

So my twitter feed is 50 per cent SFF and 50 per cent romance. And at least 70% of the romance people have recommend this book, so I bought it when Carina Press had a sale recently despite the fact that dystopia isn’t my genre.  Everyone that recommended it was right. It was that good. 🙂

I also glommed the Welcome to Hell series by Eve Langlais.  Since I was in the mood for something lighthearted.

And read a Nalini Singh short story collection. Which reminds me, I need to re-read her Archangel series. Again.  ( If you want really good books, read Nalini Singh. Seriously.)