Review: Scribd’s subscription service

I have mixed feelings about Scribd, since an author search on their webpage is as likely to turn up an pirated copy, as it is an legal copy. Because of that, I was torn when they announced at a worldwide subscription service for 8.99 with the first month free, but decided to give them a try.


The Content:

I wasn’t sure what I expected when I downloaded the app, but I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t do any in depth searches, but they have the big names from Kleypas, Gibson and Heyer within romance, to Gaiman, Hobbs and Kim Harrison within Fantasy. And a lot of other authors that I have been wanting to read. This makes sense, since they signed with Harper Collins, Sourcebooks , Kensington and others, which gives them a big catalogue.


The App:

I downloaded the Android app, since I have an Android phone. The app was easy to navigate, and it was easy to find titles to read. Unfortunately, the app made my eyes tired. Fast. In the Kobo app, I can read one book before feeling eyestrain. Maybe I would have had less problem, if there was more settings available.  You could adjust text and background, but you couldn’t adjust the light contrast  within the app.


Will I keep the subscription?

Probably not. Maybe I would have, if I had had a tablet to read on,  since I was happy about the content, but the combination of a small smartphone screen, and no ability to adjust the light turned out to be a deal breaker for me.

Who is it for?

Voracious readers that like to read on their phone or tablet, or owns a rootable e-reader ( Nook or Sony PRS T1).

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