I’ll never again complain about Amazon’s Whispernet fees

So, I have been poking around at Dito recently, since I got a nice hefty Giftcard for Christmas. I have bought some books, mostly in Swedish, but I have also grown more and more appalled at their prices.  Not the prices on swedish e-books, since I already knew they were high. ( There’s a reason I get most of them from the library)  No, what appalls me is their prices on english e-books.

Let’s take a few examples:

Stolen by Shiloh Walker:
List price: 7.99.  Price at Dito:  13.50.
Maya Banks Highlander Trilogy are priced the same. Misfit by Sylvia Day: List price: 2.99, price at Dito: 6.99. Jeaniene Frost’s Cat and Boone series:  List price: 7.99 Dito: 14.99

Maybe the reason that I am so appalled is that I am used to the US prices, and the fact that both Books on Board and Kobo gives me discounts.    I understand that Dito needs to turn a profit, not to mention the distributor wants their cut.    Maybe the reason is that they want to price the English e-books at the same level as Swedish e-books.  I don’t know.  What I do know is that I am very interested to see how they react to Bokon.  Why? Since Bokon offers US list prices on their English e-books. Uh-uh.  You read that right.  Granted, their sortiment is different.  Bokon sells e-books from indie publishers ( Samhain, Kensington, Carina Press etc) while Dito sells a lot of the bigger publishers.

And, I am pretty certain I will buy more books from Bokon than Dito in the future. The main reason  is that I really like what they are doing.  Their webpage is easy to navigate, they offer the possibility to pre-order books, and not to mention they sell books from  my favorite publishers.