All the shopping

All the shopping

I don’t spend a lot of money, but today… I blew through the budget and some.

First I replaced my dying cell phone ( though I am paying it in installments, thank god) by buying the latest version, after debating wheter or not to buy this one or last year’s model since the price difference was 50 dollar or so.   (Brand new! So new that there is no case for it, yet.)

Then, I booked hotel room for Coastal Magic Con. Which cost as much as the phone, but significantly cheaper than the con hotel.  (I also have a feeling that dad will insist on sponsoring my trip.)

Then.. I looked at the Plane tickets to Barcelona. And yowled, since they cost as much as the whole trip to Florida will cost ( Mum is going with me to Barcelona. I vetoed a trip to Florida with her.). I e-mailed the hotel, asking if we can extend our stay with one day. It will cut the cost from 990 euro  to 680 euro. ( There will probably be an extra 120 euro fee for the room, but still cheaper. If they agree…)

Writing? Errm. I tried?   I think I wrote 100 words, or so.  At least I have the rest of the weekend to write. Unlike next weekend, which is filled with social things.  Fun social things, but still.


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