Ramblings about travels

The writing is progressing. Right now I am doing type in, which will take me the rest of August, probably.   Or at least until the 19th, since I am leaving for Sicily the 20th.   I look forward to it, even if it will be hot.  If I had been asked, I would have suggested Dublin or Edinburgh.

And I just booked my lodgings for World Fantasy Con. Yay! I am staying at Amblecliff. It seems nice, have decent reviews  and is reasonably priced 🙂  Now to I need to book plane tickets. Which I’ll probably do in Sept/ Early Oct.  

I  would love to go to WorldCon next year, but I am not sure if I can afford it. *checks Loncon’s webpage*  Ooh. Loncon have an Instalment Membership Plan.  Which means I can afford the membership. Yay!  In fact, I think it will be a perfect birthday gift  either to myself  or from dad :).