Rant: Any exercise is good

Rant: Any exercise is good


Earlier today I had the annual evaluation meeting with the chief nurse who is technically my boss. It went fine. Until the end when he asked if did any exercised. I told him I did yoga at home. He told me I should walk more.

I wasn’t annoyed when I left the meeting, but the more I thought about it the more pissed off I became. I know that he was trying to being helpful, since he is one of those guys that runs or bikes the 10 km to work everyday. I live too far away to do that. ( And my limit for walking to work is 3 km. Or so.)

I am the first to admit that before I began doing yoga, I was a bit skeptical, since I couldn’t see how it could be effective. Turns out that it is effective enough that I am noticing a difference both when it comes to how fit I am, but also how flexible my leg is. The fact that the yoga is low-key and something I can do when I have time, is making me more likely to keep on exercising. Which is the important thing.

Anyway. The point of this is that no matter if you are dancing like mad while dusting or walking the dog or swimming or running around getting everything done, you are exercising, so go you! And that is what counts. Gyms are good, but it isn’t the only thing. If you look at Runkeeper, Fitbit etc you will see that they count a lot of things as exercising. Some of them might surprise you!

And if you are not exercising.. that is ok too.  Cause what is important is that you are happy. 🙂

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