Pondering promotion

The Cauldron Bound is formatted, just waiting for me to hit publish.  Now I am pondering how to promote it.  I have three problems: No reviews, my book is not free and I have a limited budget. Luckily, there are things that I can do.

So what am I doing once I have hit publish?

* Signing up for Ebook soda and Bargain Booksy.

* Signing up for the next scavenger hunt that Night Owl reviews has.

* Running a release week sale. Maybe. ( If only Publit’s campaign feature was available. sigh.)

* Do a giveaway or three.

* Posting to Kboards and Mobileread.


Some of these things are free, some isn’t, but at least I have a plan on how to spread the word about The Cauldron Bound when it is out.  I am no fool. I know that this list doesn’t guarantee a lot of sales, but it increases the likelihood that I will have some sales. I do know that to build sustainable sales I need to release more book in the series, and a bit closer than it was between Exile and The Cauldron Bound.