Exile is available at Ibooks

It took Exileawhile, but Exile finally passed through Ibooks validation filter. ( Turns out that the cover image in the book was too large. Oops.) Click the cover to buy it!

Part of me is hoping that fixing the cover will make it available at Amazon and BN too. I doubt that will happen, though. But it would be really, really nice.

Know something else that is really nice?  Exile has been available for two months at Kobo and it has been stable between 3620-3645. Sure, it is a very humble ranking, but considering that Kobo has 41000 titles in the Fantasy Category, I am happy.  I know it isn’t just because Exile is such a great story ( which it is!), but a bit part is because Kobo forgot to remove the old, free editions.

Both of this was fixed fast, once I remembered to e-mail Publit.  It also reminded me of why I decided to use Publit.  I can focus on  the books, they handle everything else.