Kappahl is launching an lingerie collection inspired by 50 Shades

Normally I don’t post about clothes, but I just read about this in on Expressen’s webpage, and it boggled my mind a bit.
To sum it up: Kappahl, a Scandinavian clothing chain just announced that they are launching a lingerie collection inspired by the 50 shades trilogy. The details are scant, but I expect they will reveal more closer to the launch in November.

I’ll admit that I am a bit surprised. Oh, not that it happened, since it is a part of the trend that clothing stores are collaborating with designers and celebrities. But this is a first, there haven’t been anything based on a bestselling Erotic romance novel before. ( At least not that I am aware of.) On the other hand, 50 Shades are a phenomena and it isn’t surprising that Kappahl wants a piece of the cake.   But I am still scratching my head.  Why of all the chains, why did they agreed to let Kappahl do it?   It would have made much more sense if a bigger brand had done it. I mean, Kappahl is well-known in Sweden and the other Scandinavian countries but it isn’t a  big European chain, and it doesn’t have a US presence. But maybe the bigger chains doesn’t need to do something like this.

Still, reading about this made me wonder if this is the start of another trend.  After all, Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series have also been very successful. Maybe we will see something similar based on that series.  ( Even if I honestly don’t think so.)

What do you think?