Another snippet from the sorcerer

I posted the old opening last week, so I thought I would post the new opening this week. I promise I will not post a third version next week! 😀

The sound of the phone made me look up from the report I was reading. I stretched out a hand and picked up the reciever.
“ Magi CIS, Di Luca speaking.”
“ I want to tell you about a Pixie Dust delivery,” a hoarse voice whispered.
A shiver crept down my spine. Pixie Dust was nasty stuff. It was addictive, and made you very pliant. I picked up a pen.
“ When?”
“ Tomorrow.”
“ Somewere around Cedar Springs.”
I swallowed a curse. Cedar Springs was a muggy hell hole, filled with good ol’ southern gentlemen, who didn’t like Mancers.
“ Who?”
“ Oh hell no. You have do something.”
The click told me the tipster had hung up. Slowly, I put down the phone. I glanced at McRae’s office, but he wasn’t back from were ever he and Solange had run off to.
I shrugged, might as well do the basic paperwork. I opened up the form we used to fill in anonymous tips in. It didn’t take me long to fill in the scant information.
I stared at it for a moment. Something told me that this was just the beginning on a long investigation. I pushed away the thought, and picked up the report. After making a rookie mistake of mixing up the victim and the unsub, I always read it thrice. I flinched, sometimes I could almost feel the blisters after McRae’s dressing down. That day, I had been certain my career was over before it even started.