Embarrassment of Riches Reading Challenge: March Update

Is is April already?  It is probably way that winter stubbornly refuse to bulge that makes it feels like it isn’t April. Anyway, onwards to the books. 
I was really good in March when it came to reading books from my TBR pile. Although a lot of them wasn’t eligible for this challenge.   But there were books that was eligible too :).
I read 6 books in March. Or should I say 10, since one of them was an omnibus? Hmm…
Note: I bought  Dixie Rebel and Imperfect Rebel before they got new titles and covers.
I liked it, but the spelling of the hero’s name drove me nuts, since it was a Scandinavian name and it was spelled wrong.  Axell, instead of Axel ( which, btw, means shoulder. Fitting for the hero’s personality)
 I loved Cleo. She was a hoot :).And it was fun to read  about her and  Jared’s romance.
That said, I recommend that you read Dixie Rebel first to understand Cleo’s background a bit better.
Well written, well plotted. I like Kaylin, and it was fascinating to see her navigate the Barrani Court.
  This was an omnibus of novellas, and I can understand why it is available as an omnibus, since it is necessary to fully appreciate the story ARC.  I’ll probably pick up the rest of the series. Sometime.
 I really, really like John H Carroll’s novels. They are well written, and takes the standard tropes, and twist them :). 
 That said, I would probably have liked it more if Tathan and Anilya had made another choice.

The premise of this sounded intresting, but I had trouble connecting with characters, plus Mercy’s gift left me with a bitter aftertaste.
So I will probably not get the other books in the series.