I got a letter

So. This morning I got a letter from WWF.  Which wouldn’t have been anything ordinary, if it wasn’t for the case that I am at my dad’s right now.  And… I freaked out.   Why? Two reasons:

A) I am not registered at my Dad’s address, but at my apartment.

B) I haven’t talked with them in years, not to mention given them my dad’s address.

I decided to walk over to the IRS office, and check if my registered address had changed.  When I got there, the very nice lady told me that it was still the same.   I had lunch, and thawed up, at a local mall. I was relieved, and a bit baffled since I still couldn’t figure out how they had tied me to do dad’s place. And, then, when I was back from the bus stop  I realised how it had all happened.

See, at christmas  I got a very touching handwritten donation diploma  from my youngest brother stating that he had donated 200 SEK ( 30 dollar) to WWF.  When he filled in that, I suspect that he gave them my name- and his address.

At least that mystery is solved! 😀