I had forgotten how wonderful it feels

Yesterday, I went into town with no special plan. Which turned out to be a good thing, since it turned out there was something wrong with the Red line, so I travelled two stops, got off, walked towards the green line. And, when I was almost there, I remembered that there was a store selling office supplies. I went there, and discovered that they had really good prices.  Including on A5 hardbound notebooks ( normal price: 12 dollar. The store’s price: 6 dollar).

When I came home later in the afternoon,  I picked a notebook and a pen ( which is fastdrying, which means no smudges <3) and sat down to write. And.. the words flowed. I got 14 pages in 2 hours. ( 1 page= 100ish words)  I had forgotten how wonderful it feels when the words just pours out.   Yes, it is *rough*, and I already know what I need to add in some places, but… my inner editor is silent ( or at least muted). Which makes a big difference when it comes to feeling the joy in writing.

And the words continued to flow today. I got another 14 pages written, although during a longer time period. This, together with the extra 8 pages I wrote last night puts the total page count at  36 ( which doesn’t match my count which was 38…. Eh. Doesn’t matter. I am happy 😀 )    Also, I added a wordcount  meter, which currently shows 4000 words ( since I know my rough estimate is a bit high.)  But… it is 3000 more words than I had on Friday, AND I am solidly writing new material now :). ( Also, after type in it will probably be at least 1000 words longer. Which is a bit mindboggling.)