Muse by Lazette Gifford- a recommendation

In a town full of lunatics, murder is just around the corner …
Stranded when his car breaks down, Killian Dain Fox overhears a cop and a gas station clerk discussing murder and the exchange of money. Although he tries to believe he misheard the conversation, by the time K.D. meets a few more of the locals, he’s convinced the entire small town is inhabited by a gang of murderers.
Between the massive storms that threaten to flood the town, a would-be killer on the loose, and his growing attraction to the town’s pretty mayor, Killian Dain Fox is on a rollercoaster of a ride in a place he least expected it… Nebraska.
Lazette Gifford’s Muse earned its place as the first Holly Lisle’s Fiction Pick for its wonderful characterization, strong plot, and delightful setting. Smart, funny, and consistently unexpected, this story promises a lot … and it delivers.

I haven’t read it, but it sounds great, so check it out by clicking on this link :