Slog, slog

I haven’t had any days were the words flowed this week, but the slow and steady has netted me 22 pages so far, or roughly 2000 words.  I have a bit mixed feelings about the draft.  The quality of the draft is… low.  Which can be fixed later, I know.  The fact that I am aware of the fact that the draft is bad is another difference between writing in English and Swedish.   But, I am also more aware of other things.  Like foreshadowing. I am doing a lot of  foreshadowing right now,  which makes me happy :).

I should reach the point were this version of the beginning joins the old version some time this weekend. Then  I start the type in :).  And when the type in is done I get to print out the whole thing, read  it through, mark up the pages, do a synopsis and… write the end. 😮