Reflections on UK vs US urban fantasy

I finished reading Fated by Benedict Jacka yesterday. Which is a book that I enjoyed a lot*, but as I wrote up my review, I started to think about the differences between the UK set Urban Fantasy and US Urban Fantasy.  Or rather the difference.

I haven’t read that many UK set urban fantasy novels but one thing that struck me in both cases was the lack of romance.  Both novels was fast paced, with interesting character and an intriguing  mystery to solve, but there was no attempt to matchmake between the characters.  And I hadn’t realised how much I had come to assume that was a natural part of the sub genre.  Most of the Urban Fantasy I read are written by US authors, and  in a majority of them the romance is a part, it might be small part, it might be a big part, but it is there.

This is a sign of the influence that Paranormal Romance has had on US Urban Fantasy, which I find intresting.  I know that Paranormal Romance is growing more popular in the UK, which makes me wonder if UK urban fantasy will be influenced as well.

* now I want to read more. LOL! Good thing the sequel will be out in Swedish Feb 15th :).