A little bit of this, a little bit of that

I have been busy this weekend.  I have bought a new laptop ( a shiny Macbook Air!), downloaded all the software I need.

And, I have edited and reformatted Exile. Yup. Exile has been tweaked and some rough spots smoothed over, so it is as new. It hasn’t been professionally edited, but it is as good as I can make it. I do have a plan to send it and Daughter of the Dark to Laura Anne at the same time later this year, since I am planning on bundling them.  ( And yes, this means they will be probably be available in print sometime in 2016.)

What prompted the edit?  I read through Exile and felt it could be tightened, so I sent it to Thirzah.  Thirzah did a whirlwind beta read. And then I fixed the things she pointed out.

The reformatting is because I screwed up. Overdrive offers a sample feature, but since Exile wasn’t split into chapters, the stores couldn’t show samples.  So I fixed that.  The new version for Exile isn’t up yet, though, since I want to add an excerpt from the Cauldron Bound.

I also wanted to wait until after Publit switched to the new interface which they do later this week. ( It should be up around March 10th.)

I am also experimenting with the cover size to see if Exile passes through BN’s and Amazon’s validation. It cannot hurt!  I would love for that to happen.