So much for that plan

I am outlining a book.  A book that managed to wreck my publication schedule by being book 2 in the series. Not, like I thought, book 3. This is a problem, since I have already written what I thought was book 2, and planned to release it later this year. Obviously that isn’t going to happen. sigh.   I did consider releasing the books out of order, but I decided that while they are stand alone, more or less, it felt wrong to do so, since I think book 2 helps explains something in  the next book. Bonus, though: I will have time to write 2 books back to back.  Which, er, will also mean I have to revise 3 books.. hm.. maybe not such a good strategy considering I am a slow reviser. We will see.

I have learned one thing: planning for three novella length releases was obviously too much. I think I will aim for 1. And surprise you with two. Or something. Besides, Daughter of the Dark is a novel, even if it is a short one. I am aiming for all the books in the series to be 40-50 000 words. We will see if I succeed. This means that the draft needs to be 35 000- 40 000 words long. Or close to it.

I am looking forward to the challenge, since my first drafts tend to be a smidgen under 30 000 words. 🙂