Discounted books by war room writers Dec 2015

Discounted books by war room writers Dec 2015

So I have been pondering what would happen if the war room coordinated their sales and cross promoted them.  It was one of those “Things to do 2016” things, until I realise that there are several of us with books on sales RIGHT now. So.. I am doing it a bit early.

The links go to the page were the books are on sale. It might be amazon, it might be somewhere else. Some of the books are discounted for the rest of the month. Some might end tomorrow. What I do know is that all the books on this page, when I write this, is 3.99 or lower.

All the books listed here are the first books in the series, and there might be that later books are discounted too.

Urban Fantasy:

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  Historical Fantasy:










Epic Fantasy:









Fantasy Romance/ Paranormal Romance: