2014 was a productive year

I just sat down and counted exactly how much I wrote this year. And it was a lot. On twitter I said it was 60 000 words.

The Cauldron Bound:
17700 words
Exile 7000 words
Frosthold: ~20 000 words
The Shattered ward: 13 000 words ( so far)
Total: 57 700 words.
Granted, the word count for Frosthold is an estimate, it might have been 25 000 words. But it is still a lot of words. But that isn’t everything I did this year. I also revised over 100 000 words.

The Wild Hunt:
39 000 words (+13 000)

The Cauldron Bound:
24 000 (+7 000 words)

8000 (+1000 words)

Daughter of the Dark:
24 000 words (+3000)

A Shadow of Love:
21 000 (+2000)

If I add the words I wrote during the revisions, I have written 90 000 words and revised 100 000 words.  This is a lot more than I normally do. Normally I write maybe 45 000 words and revise about the same amount of words.

This might also explain why I am a bit tired, and why I really don’t want to revise something right now. Though I will have to revise Cauldron Bound once I am done with The Shattered Ward.  But that is next year.

Now I am off to have a belated Christmas dinner at dad’s.