All the words

All the words

After last weekend, I needed the time to recover from the shock and just write. The weather cooperated, by dumping 40 cm of snow. Yeah. There was chaos on Wednesday. I was more than happy to stay inside and just write. And write I did.  Since Wednesday, I have written 4000 words on the next Portal Justicar book. Go me! I am planning to put it as soon, though, since I need to do another pass on Vanished and a polishing pass on Daughter of the Dark, before I send them to editors.  (Whom I still haven’t paid. Must do that.)

It feels so good to be writing something new.  I have tried to work on other things, but I couldn’t focus on them. It was as if my brain was whispering that I should work on this book.

Oh and Book 3 ( that is already written) has a title: Shifter’s Justice. Which fits *beautifully*. Since it is about shifters and justice. It is also about many other things, but I am not going to reveal that, since they are spoilers.

Here is a rough snippet from the opening scene:

“Yes. I want you to find out why they are upset. Why they aren’t talking with Silvarians or Lumarians. Before the Dragon Queens convene.”
“You sound certain that will happen.”
“It will. And once it happens things will be bad. They will leave a trail of fire and blood behind them.”
I gulped. “I thought they couldn’t fit through the portals?”
The Director gave me an exasperated look. “They are magic, Erwan, as is the Portals. The Portals can easily grow or shrink.”
I gave him a dubious look. “Are you sure?”

The Director gave me an exasperated look. “Didn’t they teach you history in school? The treaty was signed in Lumaria, Silvarna and Mereze, three copies all signed by leaders of all three races.”
I blushed. “School was a long time ago.”
“You also found history boring.”
“Yes. You didn’t. You loved it.”
“I did.”

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