Somehow, it is late December and a hot summer was followed by a mild Fall/Winter., until a couple of weeks ago.   Which is great writing weather. Or in my case, revising.  Which I have been doing, in between packing and working and commuting. I think I am going to be done in January, hopefully, since I figured out that if I revise chapters backwards, and out of order I revise faster.  This only works when the scenes aren’t covered in yellow notes, and will need to be merged. *looks at the messy chapter 9* 

Well. At least I will just have 3 chapters left when I am done?! *clings to that*

Right now, the plan is to be done with this draft in January. Normally, I would have said *early* January, but… I am moving in  early January, probably.  The move will be a good thing, since it is closer to town, with a shorter commute and better services.

Yes, you heard it right. No more spending 3 hours per day on the bus, to and from work, or being 20-30 minutes late because I  missed the bus. Whee!  

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