Editing marathon= tired brain

I am doing an editing marathon this weekend. The goal is to have revised at least 40 pages by Sunday. I have done 18 pages since yesterday,  so it should be doable.  If my brain doesn’t go on a strike, since it is unhappy right now.  Well. It will just have to get used to it, since I am determined to finish this book. (I would feel more stressed if my dear editor wasn’t super busy.)

But the book is going to be so much better when I am done. Seriously.  It will be worth Laura Anne swearing at me when she sees exactly how much I have changed.

So far I have added 9000 words, and counting. Hopefully, I will not add another 10 000 words. Because if I do that, I am pretty sure Laura Anne will not just swear at me. But we will see.

Well. Time to get back to the word mines. I have edits to do.