Experiments with revising 

Experiments with revising 

I have been actively working on shortening the time between drafts. I have had various success, to be honest. The Rhoswyr books are still unrevised.  The plan is to finish Erwan’s book and then type in Frosthold.  Portal Justicar 3 is also unrevised ( but that is because I want to write Erwan’s book first). 

The fact that none of the books have a deadline is playing a part. 

Vanished does have a deadline to the editor, even if it isn’t soon. 

I decided to pick it up now since I wanted to see if I could revise it 2 weeks after finishing and spot flaws. The answer is Yes. 

I also wanted to see if I could read through the draft,  jot down a list of problems and then between the problems . The answer for that is Not on the first pass. At least not until I get better at leaving notes to myself. Which is something else I am working on!  

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