Five reasons you should read Joyce Chng/ J Damask

I might not like the cover for Heart of Fire *cough* but ever since I read it,  I have been promoting her books to anyone that wants book recommendations. Since they are simply great.  But I figured I would tell you why you should buy her books.

1.  She can write *anything* from children’s books to Urban Fantasy to adults.

2.  There are guaranteed to be a book that suits your mood. ( Except if you are in the mood for romance or horror, then you are out of luck.)

3.  No matter if the books are Urban Fantasy, Fantasy or science fiction the books are full of fascinating characters and mythology. Also Dragons.  Dragons makes everything better.

4.  Her writing is lyrical, beautiful.  It just makes you happy.

5. She is profilic, so once you are finished reading, there are more books for you to read.


Convinced? Good! Then go over to Amazon and Gumroad, and buy her books.  Fair warning though: Some of the books on Gumroad is pdf.  Or, you can support her at Patreon.

Not convinced yet?

She has plenty of free fiction in the shape of serials visit her webpage for links to them. Read one, then buy some of her books. ( Or not if you don’t like her writing.)