I seem to be having a writing marathon

So, on Thursday I was decked by a migraine ( it was the first time it was that bad) and unable to go to work or get any writing done, since the meds worked as long as I didn’t look at a screen. Oh joy.  On Friday, I wrote 2000 words.  Which was nice, even if I hadn’t planned it.  I also had dinner at mum’s, something I don’t do often enough.


Today? I cursed the drafts.  I also wrote another 2000 words.  Also unexcepted.  But really nice.

Tomorrow? I have no idea how much I will write, but I can say that since the draft is at 8900 words I will do my best to get it over 10 000 words tomorrow.

Yes. 10 000 words in a week. My mind is boggling.  And this is with one day lost to writing.  And the day job.

I’ll admit that part of me is wondering how much I would be able to write if I didn’t have the day job. But I do have it, and since I don’t sell enough books to make a living I will hang onto it. ( I would need to sell for 3 000 dollar per month, preferably.)