Let’s discuss sales

So. Since it is almost 2016, I thought I would discuss the sales of my short stories and novellas. (Spoiler: They are pretty low.)

Exile: 28 copies, 14 from Amazon, 14 from Apple.

The Cauldron Bound: 11 ARCs, 8 free downloads, 17 sales ( Amazon).

The Alchemist’s Apprentice: 6 free downloads, 12 sales ( Amazon), 1 BN, 1 Adlibris

It is interesting to see though, that my sales at Apple have almost dwindled into nothing. Part of this is because of a bug that put my books in the Social Sciences category, and I was too busy to fix it.

Also, I am probably missing an occasional sale, at BN etc. But the sales numbers are  close enough.

As you see, the bulk of my sales for the Cauldron Bound was as free copies or when it was on sale, so I haven’t earned much money at it. But right now, I just want people to read my books. 🙂

However, for 2016 one of my goals are to earn more money at my writing. This is based on the fact that I have earned more this year, than I did last year.  Having more books out will help with that. Especially more books that doesn’t cost 0.99. Ahem.

That said, I am so happy for those of you that have bought and downloaded my books. <3. Now I just need you to get your friends to buy my books.  Then get their friends to buy them. And..  maybe even leave a review. 🙂