May update!

May update!

It is May, which means that summer is just around the corner. *peers at the weather prognosis*  Hopefully.  Today has been glorious, but most of May have felt like the weather thinks it is late Mars. Burrr.  I bought a thin down jacket, just because of the weather.  (That, and it is handy when travelling.)

I also have a dishwasher saga, that went from “replace the dishwasher” to “replace the electricity.” Yeah, Ow. I have hired an electrician, though we haven’t set a date.  I had planned to call and ask today, but I forgot. 

Anyway. The second draft of The Shifter’s Justice is progressing nicely. As in, I’m about to start revising chapter 4 and I have added 7000 words to the book already.  Oh and the projected wordcount is 35 000 words. I am pretty sure it will be longer than that. 

I am having fun writing this draft, and I can see how much I have grown as writer since I wrote it.  It also makes me want to go back to Vanished, though hopefully Vanished will be pretty solid.  Though to be fair,  The Shifter’s Justice is pretty solid.  I think.  Maybe.  (I always think my books are pretty solid, until I discover that they isn’t. LOL)

I am also hoping that this revision will not take me 4 months, since I have figured out that if I use  Scrivener’s fullscreen mode, I write a lot more than if I don’t.  That in combination with revising the chapters backwards (which I haven’t done yet. Ahem) should ensure that the draft goes smoothly.  (I know, I know. I probably jinxed it now.)

Oh! I am going to be at Åcon at the end of May.  If you are there, come and say hi. 

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