Musings about pacing

I am 14 000 words in to the type in, right now.  And I really like what I got so far.  But I have also been thinking about the pacing.  Why? Because a lot have happened.  Too much.

So far in this book I have:

* One theft

* One crazed werewolf

* One werewolf/vampyre hybrid
* One engagement

* One murder

*One escaped villain

And I am not even half-way into the plot.   And, I cannot cut any of the plot point, since all of them support a layer of the plot. But, I think I might have  to spread them out a bit… Or maybe not, since that too would change the story.  Oh well. First I have to finish the draft.

Then I can start tearing it apart. For starters, I know I want to make Jenny the maid responsible for cleaning the library containing the more… special books.  Why? Since that way, she wouldn’t add more work for the other maids when she is running around doing other things.