The short story decided it wanted to be a novella, if not longer, so I am pondering NaNoWriMo to challenge myself. And hush, I know it would be cheating, but I really need a deadline, and I also need to know if I can finish a book in a month, while working.  I know I can do it when *not* working, but well, this is going to be more of a challenge. Heh.

Part of this is fuelled by the fact that I am writing a proper outline, which is going to be at least 1000 words long, if not longer.  There are also the fact that my brain thinks I should add another POV character, and that I am maybe starting in the wrong place. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t *have* to start it in another place, it has more to with showing or telling the backstory ( right now I am telling it) .  But I will probably stick to one POV for the first draft, and add more POVs later.  Which is what I did with the Cauldron Bound. I wrote the first draft mostly in Aodh’s POV, and then added Moirin’s during the revision.

Anyway. The outline means I will be able to write faster, since I know more or less what is happening. Though I am not going to be able to write at a Nano speed, I know myself. I am not even going to try.  Though it could be fun to do it for a weekend or two.

Anyway. I am mikaela_lind at the Nano webpage.  Though I might add that I tend to be not so active, but I will make a try!