On writing speed.

On writing speed.

I have been writing a lot this weekend. So far I am at 2100 words. Which might not sound like a lot, but considering that I have been writing 200-500 words per day for the last month or so, writing 2000 words in two days is a lot.

It would have been a lot even if I had been writing more. I have always been a slow writer, and when I approach 2500 words, my brain tend to say nope.

This was something I learned early. Like within the first year of writing: If I pushed, my brain said nope.

Something else I learned early was that while some writers might write fast, I would never be one of those. And that is ok.  Every writer is different. Some write fast, some write slow. Some writes novels, some doesn’t.

Anyway. Now I am off to be social.

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