Recent reads: Raven Heart by Murphy Lawless 

Recent reads: Raven Heart by Murphy Lawless 

Last week my friend Catie surprised me by sending me an Arc of her paranormal romance novella.

I saved it to read it on the train to Gothenburg and I devored it. I loved the Alaska setting, it felt real, both the worries of survival and the threat of climate change.  

The shapeshifter she has created has its roots from Native American mythology.,  which felt right Considering the setting.

. The romance between Richard and Elena was wonderful. I loved how they moved on from what could have been a fling to something more lasting. 

My only complaint is that it isn’t longer. But at least I have the assurance that there will be more. 

I have no idea when this book will be out. BUT if you support her on Patreon you will  get to read it before most people. Since she is awesome like that. 

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