Recent Reads: Sveriges Historia (600-1350)


I have been eyeing Norstedts Sveriges historia for years, but it cost 30 dollar so I decided to wait. And wait. Now it is 6 years later and the first books are on Sale for 14 dollar. So I bought the volume covering 600-1350. I am glad I did. I am halfway through it, but I am already telling people to buy it and to learn Swedish.
It is interesting, and it shows how Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia changed from a lot of Chieftains to unified kingdoms. Is it superficial? A bit, but it is also not. It puts Swedish history in a context of trade and communication.  In other words, it is a modern book, based on recent research.  It is utterly non biased.  It is written by historians and archealogists in a language that is easy to read. It has read more sections.
In other words it is ideal for a writer starting to do research.
I wish more countries had series like this one. Recent, admitting the mistakes made by earlier books, well researched. Maybe there is, and I have just missed them. If there isn’t I hope someone pitches it. A lot of someones.