Refilling the well

After 2 heavy revisions passes and finishing a novella in the last 7 months, I am taking a well earned break this week. I am doing the small things. Buying books, reading books, doing administrivia in preparation of fun things( ESTA! Restaurant for mum’s pre-Madrid celebration!).

Could I have taken a deep breath, and began working on something new? Sure. In theory.  That said,the moment I think about writing, I get a slight headache. Soo. I think I am going to take the rest of the month off from writing and revising.  I am going to be noodling on the new series, though. 🙂 Alternative 13th century Sweden with magic, anyone? I have an semi coherent outline and 3 pages of questions about magic.

And this is before I have started truly reading. The plan is to read a lot of bachelor’s thesis in a number of subject, and visit Medeltidsmuseet. Maybe go on one of the guided tours. They have so many things planned. I will admit that there are a risk they will know me by name by the time I have finished writing this series. LOL!

I am looking forward to this series. 🙂