So many plans!

I have been talking about selfpublishing several times, but it has stayed at talking. Not this time around.  I have already settled on which story is going first ( Daughter of the Dark, since it is stand alone), the cover artist I want, and the editor.  I plan to contact the editor later this month, and the cover artist next month.  Why not immediately? Because while they are well within my budget , they want half the fee in advance, and I don’t want a big credit card bill. So I am spreading it out a bit.

And later in 2014?  I introduce you to the Sultanate of Sind. First out is Sherezade, which will probably be retitled to the Sultana of Sind ( or The Queen of Sind)

To tease you, here is the first 200 words from Daughter of the Dark:

Standing in the shadows, I watched the house on the other side of the street. At the surface, the imposing brick house with its walled garden looked like the rest of the houses in this neighborhood. But that was just the surface, beneath the surface I could sense the wards. I knew that if I looked, a rainbow of colors would meet my sight.

I winced in sympathy. Unlike many other realms, this realm’s magic were hidden. In other words, using Elemental magic for spells hurt. A lot. Whoever owned the house had put a lot of effort in the magic defenses. Why? Why would someone ward a residence?

Unease slithered down my spine. Maybe it is the wrong house.

I dug into the pocket of my tunic, and got out the wrinkled paper scrap. I squinted, staring at Toni’s uneven writing.

Loraine Street. I glanced at the street sign. The silver letters gleamed in the moon light.

Yep. That’s here.

I froze when I heard the eeringly familiar howls in the distance.