Something unexpected happened

So roughly at the same time as my last blogpost, I got a phone call from the manager responsible for the reception desks at my former day job, offering me a temporary position as reception clerk. I pondered it for a couple of days, before saying yes. I said yes because of one thing: I had been applying to similar jobs. So it would be hypocritical of me to say no. Even if it is nerve-wrecking because of the pandemic.

So far I have worked there for 3 weeks, and I like it. Is it my dream job? No. But it is more fun than I thought it would be. And it is a good experience to have on a CV.

The drawback to the new job and going to work at 6 am is that I am floundering when it comes to writing. Technically I could have time to write after work, but I need to adjust to the working hours first.

So this means all the edits and type in are on hold. Instead I am poking at notes for an new idea, also set in the Portal Universe. I like the idea. It features Sylvarians which is basically elves. Fleshing out their world is also helping my brain to untangled the book order in The Portal Justicars, which is a good thing. I do have a vague notion of who the hero for one of the books will be, and maybe even the heroine. Basically I will take an “you broke it, so you will have to fix it” approach. And since I know who broke it…. I know who will have to fix it. Or maybe one of them decides to do it in an attempt to get back in good graces. Hmmmmmmm. Well, we will see.

To be honest, right now I have no idea when the next Portal Justicar book will be out.

It is a triad of live upheaval, pandemic and low sales. I definitely intend to finish the series, since I do love it. (Even if Daughter of the Dark needs another round of proof reading. But then it was released during another time of life upheaval.)

Right now, I am going to just going to focus on surviving until Jan 31st without getting sick.

Which means, reading and noodling and yoga. Oh and Time team. (Look, I like Time team, even if I wish it was a lot more diverse.)