The effect of a detailed synopsis

I have read about authors say that having a detailed synopsis makes them write faster, but I was a bit skeptical. Well. They were right. My synopsis for Portal Justicar 2 is 2000 words long. Which I worried was too detailed for a 30 000-35 000 words novella and maybe it is but I don’t care.

I began to write the draft last night, and I wrote 500 words in 40 minutes. This morning, I wrote 1000 words in 90 minutes. Normally I write 150-300 words per 30 minutes. So far I have written 300-500 words per 30 minutes. Yeah. Which is making me a bit stunned, to be honest. That said, I think it isn’t just the synopsis. I think part of it is that I am itching to finish something. I need to know that I can still finish a draft. I also think it might have to with the fact that I gave myself a deadline. A very reasonable one, to be fair, since I am pretty certain I will finish this draft before mid May. But I want the extra time in case something happens.

I am also realistic enough to know that this will not be going on during the whole draft. There will be days when I struggle to write 500 words. But I really appreciate the days when everything just flows.

That said, now I am going to eat a cookie or something at a local cafe.