The result of my paid promos

I discounted The Cauldron Bound to 0.99 during December since I wanted more people to read it. I promoted it on social media and had a few sales. There are just that many times you can tell people to buy your book before they want to stab you. So I decided to spend some money at promo. I have been lurking at Kboards and heard of people that successfully uses stacked promos.
( stacked promo= signing up for two smaller promos per day, instead of just one).
I decided to do a small one during Friday and Saturday. 
Bksnights 20 dollars ( webpage, newsletter+ social media blast)
ebookhounds Diamond in the rough, 5 dollar (newsletter)
Bookscream Free.  ( newsletter, social media blast ).
The result: 9 sales. Which I am happy with. Well, I am happy if I sell two books during a week. 
As a result the rankings  are really nice right now, around 250 and 60(!) in the two fairy tales categories. For a bit of context: My normal rankings are around 3000. So I am happy

Considering how few sales I have had, it is actually a bit interesting to see how easy it is to climb in rankings. I mean what would happen if I had sold 20 copies?.

I am probably going to do another of these next weekend. Mainly because I want to see if there is any tail from this weekend’s promotions. I am hoping there is but I am not certain. We will see.