This is the messiest draft ever


I am writing the ending of Frosthold, and I can say this is the messiest draft I have ever written. It has by far pushed down Queen of Sind, which held the top position for a long time.

Yeah, yeah.  I know that first drafts are supposed to be messy, but I normally don’t realise while writing the ending that  the male POV character is wrong.  Yeah.  The scenes are sound, but the POV is wrong. Marius is simply too passive.  I could almost hear a loud click when I realised that.  So many things fell into place when I realised that.  I could feel a missing spark enter the story.  I also realised that I hadn’t told a large chunk of the story.  So even if the first draft will end at 15 000-17 000 words, the second draft will be much longer.

Hopefully when I am done revising the first half, I will know if the second half should be a part of the draft or not.   Right now it could go either way.