This weeks chaotic traffic ä

I am thinking about the importance of communication right now. Both with customers and with employees.

This is prompted by the fact that my local bus company is very confused ri now.

Yesterday when I waited for the bus home another bus driver called a PSA that the bus didn’t stop at a couple of stops. 

I sighed and stepped on my bus that didn’t  make a PSA. After a 20 minutes stuck in traffic and some cursing on Social media,  it turns out that both my and that bus did stop at the bus stops they were supposed to drive by.

So when I just missed the bus with 3 minutes today I decided to walk to Hornstull, thinking that I could catch it there. 

Considering it looked like this today ( This is the beginning of the traffic. Or maybe it is the end?) I would have. 
Except today it didn’t come. The bus stop was confused too!  After waiting 10 minutes I gave up and went to dad’s since it is just 600 meters from the bus stop. 

I understand why they have changed the route but I wish there was more information that a tiny line ” Bus stop moved”. Normally there is a Note with the reason and when it is expected to return to normal. There was none. 

It will be interesting to see if it stops on Monday..And which route it takes ,  though maybe I should play it safe and take the train.